Are You Targeting Emails for Your Mobile Marketing?

by | May 22, 2012

Mobile is one of the fastest growing segments in the market. Does it make sense for you to use it to engage your customer base?
Here are a few tips to think about if you’re considering using emails to go after your targets.
  • Ask your customers if mobile is the best way to reach them.
  • Ask them what kind of info would be useful to receive on their phones.
  • Keep it simple – make sure things like your subject line are clear so they know who it’s from.
  • Keep it short – get to the point and make sure your most important part of the message is up front.
  • Keep images small if you’re going to use them.
  • Also do a text version with links.
  • Lots of white – remember where they are reading this.
  • Make sure landing pages are optimized for mobile.
  • If you’re going to ask for info, make it simple and don’t ask for a lot.
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