B-to B-Marketers: What Are Your Most Effective Sales Channels?

by | Apr 24, 2012

B-to-B customers are doing more homework online when it pertains to buying well before they start the actual buying process. So what are you doing to take advantage of these “opportunity zones” to be successful? B-to-B marketers – are you prepared for a more educated buyer?

We all are facing the challenges of doing more things with sometimes fewer resources, so it stands to reason that what we do, do we want it to give us the best results. Where are you getting your leads and how are you qualifying them? I recently read an article by Dave Thomas on B2B Online Marketing that talks about the results of a recent nationwide survey from BtoB Magazine and Bizo that highlights marketers biggest challenges in 2012.

Among them were:

  • Paid search came in as the second-ranked tool for marketing, followed by display advertising (35 percent);
  • 60% of marketers claim their biggest challenge this year will be generating additional leads;
  • 63% of marketers state that their marketing mix either falls short of sales demand or they are not entirely sure their mix is working;
  • 56% note brand promotion as a major area of focus.

What I thought interesting was that their biggest challenge was that leads were falling short of sales demands. I guess does that mean that companies are forecasting growth and in order to attain it, they need more leads?

I guess the question I’d like to ask is are you experiencing these kinds of challenges, and if so, will you  share with the rest of us?

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