5 Ways to Make Sure Your Blog Gets Read

by | Dec 21, 2011

For those of us who do blog, we do it because in the big picture, it’s the hub of the marketing wheel and everything else we do should revolve around and integrate with the blog.

So here are some quick tips that I’ve come up with since I started blogging three years ago that will help you gain readership and credibility.

  1. Give your readers what they want – give them solutions to their problems.
  2. Get to the point – do a good detailed headline and then deliver on the message.
  3. Keep it simple – don’t try to impress people with fancy words, get to the solution and do it in a conversational tone.
  4. Keep it on point – don’t ramble onto other topics.
  5. Give examples – show what other people are doing and ask for feedback.

So how did I do?

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