Lack of Resources is Biggest Challenge for B2B Marketers

“The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

I don’t know who said it but it’s a timeless truth. With the soft economy over the past few years and downsizing of staffs, the overall business climate has changed. Marketing departments are being asked to do more with less. In the B2B field where we operate, social media wasn’t even on the radar screen a few years ago, but now it’s at the forefront. While social media doesn’t have much outside costs, it does take its toll on inside time and talent.

A recent study by Marketing Sherpa, the 2012 B2B marketing benchmark report, brought up some disturbing facts. The biggest was that 62% of marketers biggest challenge was lack of resources!

How are marketing departments supposed to be putting out class A stuff when there isn’t enough time in the day? Companies need to recognize that a good sales plan starts with a good marketing plan. Find help for your department whether it’s freelance or competent agencies that know your market. As business gets better, if you don’t speak out, they will try to put even more things on your plate.

Those are my thoughts; any comments?

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  1. Diana Komjati

    Your first sentence sums it up correctly. Years ago graphic designers were delighted when the Macintosh computer first came on the scene. We thought that it would give us control over our work and allow us time to be creative. In reality it did just the opposite.

    Typesetters, skilled professionals who knew that there was a correct way to kern and flow type were no longer needed. The designer now had that job.

    Next to go was the production department. These professionals knew all the details needed to get the job to print correctly. This also became the responsibility of the designer.

    Staff photographers were let go, the designer could now select and purchase cheap generic stock photos online.

    Plus, with the computer “doing all the work,” last minute changes caused by poor planning became acceptable and commonplace.

    Graphic designers never did get that “extra” time to be creative. We did get to be typesetters, production departments, photographers and sometimes even copywriters and proofreaders – all in less time. Let’s hope that social media doesn’t get added to the list.

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