How Are You Integrating Email and Social Media?

In today’s market, everyone seems to be focusing on social media as the thing to do. Both social and traditional tactics have a place in your marketing plan. Inbound and outbound marketing must work together to get the most bang for your buck today. Social media or email can’t be isolated tactics, but should be used together.

I recently read an article by Kipp Bodnar in Social Media B2B, 7 Awesome Email and B2B Social Media Integrations that I thought hit the nail right on the head. Here are some highlights:

  • Use social media links in your emails – pretty simple but you’d be surprised how many folks miss this opportunity.
  • Use social media to grow your email list – you have a better chance of getting a lead if you can convince them to sign up, for example, for your monthly newsletter.
  • Test email efforts on social – before sending out a communication to your list, test it on social to see what kind of reaction you’ll get.
  • Use social media for future email content – follow and listen to what the hot issues are on social and craft future messages around those issues.
  • Source leads correctly – use tracking URLs to better understand where your interest is coming from.

Those are some highlights; what are you doing to integrate social into your traditional marketing efforts?

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  1. EmailMktr22

    The biggest problem most people have in internet marketing (including myself when i first started) is too much focus on the social media marketing… too many people cling to social media and lose focus on the other important aspects of internet marketing… Once you can find that balance you can start to see better results. Thank you for the post.

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