LinkedIn: Are You Missing a Golden Opportunity to Network?

If you’re not on LinkedIn you should be, and if you are, when was the last time you updated your page?

Did you set goals when you first went on, but as time has passed you kind of let it slip a little? You and 120 million of your possible friends are on this site. How many are you connected with?

Let’s review some basics and make sure we’re all on track.

  • Profile page – Great place to make a good impression. Have you updated your photo or are you using one from 10 years ago? How about your accomplishments? I’m sure if you haven’t touched it for a while, something good must have happened at work that you could highlight. Have any other things changed like you started a Twitter account, a blog or new website? Be sure to include links.
  • Key words – SEO is king. When was the last time you looked at key words within your profile? The best place to do this is on the summary section.
  • Adding to your network – It was easy when you just started to get a list of contacts linked in. But what about all those grandiose plans of adding so many new contacts each week? I’m sure you haven’t stopped taking phone calls or going to meetings? What ever happened to asking them to link in with you? At least then when you do a posting, you’ll be getting it in front of them. I admit I’m as guilty as everyone else, but I’m back on track now to add at least 3 contacts a week. What’s your goal?
  • Status updates – So what good is 500 connections if you never connect? You need to be active and say something. It doesn’t have to be something original. It could be something as simple as  a comment and link to a morning news story that might have some impact on your industry. Try to do at least one a day.
  • Groups – This is the “holy grail” as far as I’m concerned. Search and join relevant groups. They allow you to join as many as 50. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel…where else can you find a group of like-minded individuals to hold a conversation with? A great place to build relationships and also build your visibility and credibility as an expert in the field.

Those are some of my thoughts on recommitting to using a great networking site. What are you doing to capitalize on LinkedIn?

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  1. Nick Stamoulis

    Like any other social media site, the key to LinkedIn is to be active on the site. Prospects and potential partners are much more likely to reach out and connect with someone that they can see is involved on a daily basis. In addition to joining groups, it’s important to share your content with these groups, just as you would share links on Facebook or Twitter.

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