Do You Put the Cart Before the Horse in Your Social Media Strategy?

I still am amazed that marketing executives, especially in larger companies (80% 0f companies with 100 plus employees), acknowledge that social media is a legit marketing tool, but yet fail to take the time to develop a strategy for it.

It’s like ready, fire, aim!

Priority of Social Media Business Strategy for Their Company According to US Executives*, by Size of Business, May 2011 (% of respondents)

A recent post in, Executives Fail to Focus on Social Media Marketing Strategy, quotes several sources as to the reasons.

Here are  several disturbing points:

  • No surprise, most of these executives feel tentative about making social strategy a priority.
  • They are not overly optimistic about their current strategy.
  • It looks like small and medium sized firms have the advantage over larger ones.

It’s funny that that the marketing priorities for social – customer retention, customer acquisition and branding – are not foreign words to marketers, but somehow there is a disconnect when putting an integrated plan together that includes both traditional and social in the same plan.

I don’t get it. If they put together a traditional plan they way they do social, they probably wouldn’t have a job.

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  1. Nick Stamoulis

    I think that the hesitation comes from the fact that it’s still hard to measure. Decision makers want to see immediate results. That isn’t going to happen with social media. It’s about building a brand over the long term.

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