Social Media: 10 Rules to Abide By

Social media has its protocol just like anything else to participate, interact and engage. I recently read a good post by Heidi Cohen, Social Media’s 10 Commandments that I thought said it pretty well. Here are some highlights:

  • Be real – Be yourself. You want to make your audience feel comfortable.
  • Know your audience – If you know who they are, you can better understand and know what focus to on.
  • It’s not about you – Talk to the bigger picture of what’s in it for the community you’re addressing.
  • Participate – If you don’t, how can you expect to engage people and build relationships?
  • Share your knowledge – Support the greater good of the community.
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  1. Brittany

    Great tips, John! Like in any industry, the benefit of social media is the ability to communicate directly with your target audience. No one wants to speak to a machine and it’s pretty easy to tell when posts are not authentic. So I totally agree with your points about being yourself and sharing your knowledge!

    Luckily, with the advent of social media tools, it’s easier for small businesses to manage their accounts and social engagement so they can spend their time doing what they enjoy rather than search for who is talking about their company and what they’re saying.

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