Made in America: It Still Matters!

American manufacturers continue to wrestle with the question – Does American-made make a difference? I think it does if you have a product that has some value added and it’s not considered a commodity. According to a recent by Harris Interactive, made in America does boost purchase appeal. Not surprising, the over-35-year-old set is the strongest demo. Older American and midwesterners are the biggest supporters.

Here are answers to the question: When you see an ad emphasizing “Made in America,” are you…


What are your thoughts on made in America? Does it make a difference?


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  1. Jeff

    I think the younger generation does not remember the days when “Made in America” meant something around the world. Today we open plants in Mexico and other countries are opening plants here manufacturing the same product so what does “Made in America” mean today?

    • tradesmeninsights

      I don’t think it’s too late to teach them that this country was built on the hands of craftsmen and in some instances Made In America still should be important. Thanks for your input.

  2. Matt

    I’m a believer, but as a Gen Xer, I think I’m the last of the breed.
    With outsourcing of components and finished product, foreign transplants manufactured here and other products whose origins can’t easily be determined, it has become difficult to differentiate, much less emphasize the Made in America label.
    To succeed, it is incumbent on U.S. manufacturers to build quality products, price them competitively and market them agressively. We must be willing and able to compete on the global stage to succeed.

  3. JPolt

    I believe made in America could reflect superior products,we have the wherewithall to bring this back however, it most likely will never happen. Why did our manufacturing exit this country at such a fast rate? Why did our made in USA prices soar so quickly? Why did made in America products become all but extinct? Two main reasons, USA Business became so burdened with high taxes that it did not make sense to continue producing where coporations were penalized to make profits. Second, the Unions put such heavy demands on corporations they had to pay such high wages then only to have plants shut down by strikes. Hence, the exit to foriegn countries. As long as we have the current administrations attitude that is to “hurt the rich in order to help the poor” this country will not thrive. We must allow the rich to get richer as I have never received a paycheck, a commission check, a bonus check or a benefit package from a Poor person. It is essential to help the underprivlaged and less fortunate however, by the same token it is needed to assit the rich to prosper as they are the ones that sign our paychecks and create new positions.

  4. bradskramer

    Made in America is very important to many people, but finding truly American made products is quite difficult. I mean, look at the auto industry, with a Toyota having about the same level of American production as a Chevrolet. In the field of machining, parts that would come from China or elsewhere often are hit-or-miss as far as quality and consistancy, plus many Chinese firms have been found to basically steal patents and such when they were hired to manufactor a part. I am a supporter of American Made, but what that really means is up in the air nowdays for many products. Also agree with JPolt above. Americans are hard-working and accept challenges, so I believe we will overcome this situation soon, though.

    • tradesmeninsights

      I agree it’s difficult buy not impossible. Companies like Channellock and Klein Tools are two that come to mind as still being made here. I know if you walk into WallMart you probalby arent going to find any American made things. Thanks for your insights

  5. Roger Neff

    I am encouraged by the strong showing for “Made in America”… especially since we are so far out from the 911. A slight rise over last year and a good buying age demo is good for some manufaturers. Getting to the “Value added” attachment is more difficult to instill in buyers. Thanks John… guess thats why they pay for our marketing expertise.

  6. Doug W.

    How can the manufacturing base have been allowed to leave the states? Aren’t their incentives for our country’s manufacturers when they use domestic materials? Isn’t their a penalty for doing business with the enemy of our economy? Well, why the heck not? Celebrate freedom everyday: cherish the Made in The U.S.A. label, and what it stands for. We can build a better future for us all by choosing to buy only 100% Made In America materials, products, and consumables. This is as serious matter, we will ALL have to address sooner or later.

  7. Dustin Vann

    For US Companies, the decision to manufacture overseas has long seemed a no-brainer. Labor costs in China and other developing nations have been so cheap that as recently as two or three years ago, anyone who refused to offshore was viewed as a dinosaur, certain to go extinct as bolder companies built the future in Asia. But stamping out products in Guangdong Province is no longer the bargain it once was, and US manufacturing is no longer as expensive. As the equation has begun to balance out, companies—particularly the small to medium-size businesses that make up the innovative guts of America’s industry—are taking a long, hard look at the downsides of extending their supply chains to the other side of the planet.Obviously, quality – first comes to mind

    Here at Coast it has never been a question of quantity, our focus has always been quality. If you’re willing to sacrifice the quality, cheapen the materials used, and support another growing global economy other than the U.S. then the door is open. However, the quality of our products here at Coast has long been the backbone of our company for over 60 years, and will continue to be the driving force behind the decisions we make going forward. We are proud to say that 100% of our raw materials are domestic, and 100% of our products are assembled right here in the USA, and we find that our customers, namely the plumbers, DIY’ers, and middle class households of the country appreciate the fact that we are sticking to our guns when it comes to this issue. We all hear it everyday from our politicians; “We’ve got to bring Manufacturing back to the USA, create jobs, and grow this economy from within”. Well, We’re on U.S. soil to stay, and will continue to manufacture the highest quality products in the industry without rival.

    Bottom Line: Yes, it matters, and We’re going to continue to Innovate, We’re going to continue to create jobs, and We’re going to support the economic growth of this Country.

    Coast Products USA- 100% USA MADE since 1946

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