LinkedIn: 5 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Connections

by | Oct 7, 2010

I’m totally amazed when talking to people that they complain that they’re not getting anything out of LinkedIn. LinkedIn, like anything else, responds to someone who is active. In other words, you need to participate and engage people in order for the network to be effective. For those of you who follow me know that I personally think LinkedIn is one of the most useful business tools out there.

I recently read a post by Stephanie Sammons on Social Media Examiner entitled, 5 Ways to Develop a Meaningful LinkedIn Connection where she’s highlighted and given examples of how to take the connection phase to the relationship phase. Here are some highlights of her 5 suggestions:

  • Timing is everything – Once you make a new connection, then it’s the time to try to engage them. Ask a question or give a compliment.
  • Leverage events – If you see that a connection of yours is going to an event that you’re planning on attending, send them a message and let them know you’re going and see if you can’t meet face to face.
  • Sync Geography with travel – Using the “my connections” tab, you can find where people live and if you’re planning say a trip to Dallas on business, you could let your connection know you’ll be in town and see if you might be able to meet for coffee or breakfast.
  • Ask for advice – What a great way to engage people. Most people love to give their opinions.
  • Be a resource – It’s better to give then to take. If you can offer real value, you’ll become a resource for people which will help you move from online networking to offline conversations.

The biggest issue facing us all is to challenge yourself to participate. LinkedIn works for those who work at it.

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