Social Media Marketing Continues to Grow: Great Way to Reach the Professional Tradesmen

Social media continues to grow to no one’s surprise, and both B-to-B and B-to-C are utilizing this medium at a higher rate than ever before.

Different industries are adopting social at different rates and many haven’t positioned it as one of their top priorities to reach their customers.

I recently read a post by Amy Porterfield from Social Media Examiner, 3 New Studies Prove Social Media Marketing Growth that has some interesting information, a lot of which can relate to those of us trying to reach the professional tradesmen.

Here are some highlights:

Small business doubles social media adoption – from 12 to 24%, and 20% are actively using social media as part of their business strategy.

  • 75% have a company page on a social networking site
  • 69% post status updates or articles of interest on social media sites
  • 57% build a network through a site such as LinkedIn
  • 54% monitor feedback about the business
  • 39% maintain a blog
  • 26% tweet about areas of expertise
  • 16% use Twitter as a service channel

Nearly 20% of marketing dollars will go to social over the next 5 years.

  • Currently businesses allocate approximately 6% to social
  • Next year, they expect to increase it to 10%
  • And 18% over the next 5 years

A top goal of marketers: Master social media.

  • Top challenge is to identify ROI
  • 72% of companies are planning social initiatives in 2010
  • Most initiatives will be done internally
  • When selecting a vendor for social media, they look for those who influence over a target market and have networks already established

So what are your thoughts? Does your company fit any of these profiles? What are you doing new in social for 2010?

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  1. Mark Berger

    The trick is being able to measure social’s ROI. Without it, social media will slowly die, like

    Other media like SEO, SEM and Email have very high ROI and will not likely be displaced by social. I see social media as a customer service tool more than a marketing tool.

    In the end, those companies that don’t do it will suffer the consequences in the from customers’ wrath.

  2. Rod

    Ah Yes… the elusive marketing ROI. Things really haven’t changed since Wannamaker said “half of my money is wasted on marketing, I just don’t know which half”.
    Email? a high ROI? possibly. Since a single email costs next to nothing why not send a bunch? Therein lies the problem, its called SPAM. Estimates I’ve seen rate 99% or all email as spam. Push technologies are losing steam. Helping someone find what they are looking for now thats more powerful. Throw all the TLA’s you want at it, good marketing is still is about fundamentals.

    Social media die? If it gets as clogged as my inbox — possibly but not likely. It empowers people to communicate on their own terms.

    • tradesmeninsights

      The only thing that has changes is that there are more options today for people to get info and social is one like you said that empowers people. thanks for comments

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