How to Engage the Professional Tradesmen on Twitter

by | Jun 10, 2010

I don’t know why people are afraid of Twitter. Most of the world suffers from ADD anyway and wants something short and to the point. Politicians use the 10 second sound bit all the time to grab our attention. Do you know why? Because it works! 10 seconds isn’t a lot of time, so they give us one idea to think about.

Twitter is the ideal platform to state your case and engage your reader. I recently read a post by Cindy King on Social Media Examiner, 12 Tips to Engage People on Twitter, and wanted to share her thoughts. Here are 6 of my favorites:

  1. Publish Something Useful – Sounds trite but true. Give a fresh perspective to the conversation and see what happens.
  2. Retweet to Acknowledge Others – This gives them reach and starts the viral effect we all want.
  3. Answer Other People’s Tweets – You can’t get engaged until someone starts a conversation.
  4. Ask for Help – Tell people what you’re looking for and you might be surprised as to what comes back.
  5. Introduce Yourself to New Followers – Make it personal, after all, that’s what social is all about.
  6. Say Thank You – If someone acknowledges you or retweets your message, say thanks. Beyond being a common courtesy, it starts to build a relationship.

Those are some of the ways I try to engage my followers.

What are some of the ways you use Twitter?


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