B-to-B Marketers: When Should You Outsource Social Media?

by | May 6, 2010

For those of you who haven’t yet dove in to the social media arena, whether it’s because of fear of the unknown or the fear of it’s going to be too time-consuming, I have some friendly advice.

I can’t force you to try it, but I can tell you it won’t hurt and you can’t break anything. For those who are willing to give it a try but are worried about the amount of time it will take, I have some suggestions for you to consider.

Social media is about building relationships and becoming thought leaders in your category. So a rule of thumb would be to automate or delegate everything except the interaction portion.

Susan Baronini-Moe in a recent post on Social Media Examiner, What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Social Media, outlines her ideas on what should be done, and I think it would be a good read for you.

Here are some highlights:

What you shouldn’t outsource:

  • Anything that engages the user you should be a part of. You should be the voice of the company. Any conversation should be started or answered by you. Reply to your tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn comments from the groups you belong to.

What to outsource:

  • Profile Set-ups – on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These contain some pretty basic things and doesn’t require your personal involvement.
  • Listings – setting up listings on Twitter directories, groups on LinkedIn and Facebook can be handled by someone else.
  • Automated Updates – on Twitter, your blog or RSS feeds.

These are some of my thoughts, what are yours?

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