Why Page One On Organic Searches Are So Important

We all want to come up on page one of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines. There’s a good reason that we need to strive for that. According to a recent article in emarketer data from an icrossing study shows only a small amount of people go beyond the first page.

US Natural Search Visits from Google, Yahoo! and Bing, by Search Engine Results Page, Q2-Q4 2009 (% of total in each group)

Across the big three search engines, 95% of traffic came from first page results. That should make us all sit up and take notice. If you haven’t taken search seriously, maybe now would be a good time to do so. Don’t do all the hard work and have less than positive results because you’ve not taken organic search seriously.

A report from Econsultancy and ExactTarget indicated search spending would increase…nearly two-thirds of the marketers interviewed said they plan on increasing spending in this area.


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  1. Mike Unwalla

    For Google, Bing, and Yahoo, a search results page shows 10 web pages. Therefore, for a particular search term, a maximum of 10 different organisations can have a listing on the first page. Therefore, for most organisations, a first-page listing for important search terms is not possible.

  2. Eric Dean

    This article couldn’t be more true today. The front page of Google and the other search Engines are prime real estate for every successful business today. Unfortunately it is first come first serve for most companies today. Are you sitting around waiting to see what happens? Not a smart move. There are very few companies that can actually put your business on the front page and keep your there. I have a very successful service that is very affordable in listing your business on the front page in each and every city that your business serves. Take the time to contact me and allow me to show you what I can do for your business today. Eric Dean 951-972-8011

  3. Eric Dean

    I do not guarantee anything. I do have a 93% success rate with my 10,000+ clients with placing them on the first page of Google and other search engines. I am very confident as I have no contracts. Everyone of my clients is month to month. We give our clients tracking services to allow them to decide each month whether my service is right for them. I would be glad to explain to you exactly how my service works. Have a great day. Check out my video.

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