Lead Generation: Top Business Benefit for Small Businesses Using Social Media

by | Feb 4, 2010

According to recent surveys, small businesses are going to spend more time and effort on social in 2010. Most are aware of social media but are lacking in education of how to use to benefit their business. This appears to be the biggest stumbling block in them using social.

I can concur when talking to contractors…many do acknowledge social, but don’t have a clue on how to use it. The biggest reason for push back on using social media is that small businesses have the perception that their customers don’t use it. The second biggest reason is that they don’t have time or the staff to manage it. Both of these obstacles can be overcome if someone took the time to show them how they could use social as a way to generate leads.

If you’re a manufacturer, trade association or buying group, this could be a golden opportunity for you to set yourself apart and teach these small businesses, whether they be distributors or contractors, how to use this medium. In the long run, as leads are converted into sales, you’ll all benefit!

According to a small business marketing forecast for 2010 from Ad-ology, lead generation is the primary reason small businesses use social media. Also cited was it was a way to keep up with industry news and monitor on-line chatter. Facebook was the most beneficial followed by LinkedIn.

Ways in Which Social Networking Is Beneficial to US Small Businesses, November 2009 (% of respondents)

What can you do to get your company, buying group or  trade association doing something to help generate new leads using social media? I’d be willing to help. I’ve done webinar’s, “Social Media 101”  for trade associations and buying groups. Contact me if you’re interested at jsonnhalter@sonnhalter.com .


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