4 Areas Of Expertise To Ensure Social Media Success for B to B Marketers

by | Dec 30, 2009

We all want to do our best when it comes to social media, and I find I’m always looking for suggestions and processes that can help me improve my end product. One of the ways I stay in touch and hopefully ahead of the curve is to follow industry leaders. Their insight and expertise is very valuable to me.

One such leader is Jason Falls who has a blog called Social Media Explorer. Jason recently posted The Four Spheres of Social Media Strategy, which focuses on the key areas we need to keep our focus on.While each of these four areas are important by themselves, the impact to a social program comes when they overlap. Here are some highlights of the circle:

  • Brand Intelligence – This is pretty straightforward. You need to know and understand what your brand is and stands for.
  • Consumer Insights – This revolves around the customer, profiling and audience research are two examples.
  • Community Behavior – You need to know and understand how people interact. Is Twitter a better way to communicate to them or is Facebook?
  • Tools & Platforms – You need to have an understanding of the tools and options out there to best promote your brand.

The key is to keep your eye on the ball and focus on elements such as Jason has outlined. Jason, thanks for your insights.


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