2010 Outlook: B-to-B Marketers Plan On Increasing Social Media Budgets

According to a recent survey by emarketer.com, B-to-B clients are going to increase their spending in the social media arena in 2010. It certainly makes sense that the ones who have tried various aspects of social must be getting some traction or they wouldn’t be spending more. It’s interesting to note that the 3 top areas they plan on increasing are web sites, e-mails and search. The three main reasons are:

  1. Thought leadership
  2. Lead generation
  3. Customer feedback

Change in Online Marketing Spending in 2010 According to US B2B Marketers, by Tactic  (% of respondents)

What are you planning for 2010?


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  1. Brynn

    I’m not surprised about this forecast. The challenge will be meeting the demans/goals of the industrial marketplace with social media. How do we utilize the traditional social media platforms, which are characteristically used for B2C companies for B2B success.

    • tradesmeninsights

      Thanks for the comments.I agree that most B to B and Especially the manufacturing sector are slow adapters to new things.The industrial base needs to get in the game by trying a few things that are out there like LinkedIn or Twitter just to get comfortable with it. There is a commitment needed for social to work at any level and those that think that just by having a Face book or LinkedIn account they are participating in social will be sadly mistaken.It’s up to folks like us to help nurture them along for those that don’t jump on board will sadly be left behind.

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