Top 5 Tips for Prioritizing Time Spent on Social Media

by | Nov 4, 2009

save timeWe all have limits on our time and those of us who have dived into social media have to find time in our schedules if we want these marketing tools to work. The key, like anything, is organization and setting priorities so you optimize your time spent. I recently read a post by Adam Singer (worth reading), 21 Must-Follow Tips for Optimizing Time Spent on Social Media and it got me thinking of several ways to make the most out of your time.

  1. Periodically review your RSS feeds – It’s so easy with all the tools out there to subscribe to something you think might have value long term, but come to find out the info you get there you can find somewhere else, and some of the original article/topics that got you to subscribe in the first place come infrequently. Don’t burden yourself down. I, at least quarterly, purge some of these that are not as relevant as I once thought.
  2. Focus on your niche – There is so much info on the Internet that it could easily overwhelm you. Focus on your respective core markets/interests and spend more time on those trusted sites.
  3. Monitor your time – This is a big one. Let’s face it, we all have limited time and everyone is asking us to do more and more. The Internet can be a fooler and suck you in and all of a sudden you’ve let hours pass instead of minutes. My rule of thumb is that I won’t spend any more than 1 hour a day checking my accounts and doing research/reading. This does not include the time I spend researching and writing my blog.
  4. Learn to skim – There’s not enough time in the day to read everything. You need learn how to skim articles quickly to see if they are really what you’re looking for. I find the better bloggers I read keep paragraphs short and get to the point quickly. You should be able, in 30 seconds, skim an article and determine whether or not it’s of interest to you.
  5. Monitor your audiences – If you’re a blogger, there are metrics which allow you to monitor views. Look at these periodically and focus your efforts on those topics where you’re getting the most action.

These are some of my priorities. What are you doing to manage your time?


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