Web 2.0: Why Smaller Companies Have the Upper Hand

by | Sep 29, 2009

The great thing about social media success isn’t measured by how big your bank account is. According to Soumitra Dutta and Matthew Fraser in an article that appeared in the August Chief Executive, “The elimination of entry barriers puts small companies with little-known brands on the same level playing fields as the global brands.” They also point out that “CEOs have long functioned in closed, bunkered environments and aren’t used to the rules of social media, they are used to leading from a top-down authority, manage vertical hierarchies, and assert power through the implied threat of sticks.” All these traits go directly against the grain of what social media is all about.

This, in my view, is an advantage to the small guy. I’ve been associated with plenty of Entrepreneurs in my 35-plus years in this business, and what’s so refreshing about most of them is that they already exhibit the traits of social media long before  it was  invented. Think about it.

  • They want to be in front of the customer.
  • They listen to what the customer wants and says.
  • What you see is what you get – which bodes well for developing that personal relationship.
  • They can react to the marketplace quickly.

CEOs of big, publicly held companies are so entrenched  in wanting to control everything and continue to have a one-way conversation. There are personal agendas of those under a CEO that can get in the way as well. As you go up the ladder, people don’t want to take a risk or lose control. There are a few strong-willed CEOs that get it, but they are the minority for sure.

So if you’re the little one, you have the advantage in my book. Don’t give up. Your contacts are talking to you, not someone else.

I’d like to hear some success stories from some of you independent business owners who are the backbone of our country.


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