Top 10 Posts For Marketing to the Professional Tradesmen

It’s always interesting to see which articles pull the best each month. Enclosed are the top ones from August ranked in the order of the amount of traffic each generated. Enjoy.

  1. 10 Engagement Tactics That Will Help B-to-B Marketers
  2. Social Media: Who Uses It and Why?
  3. Industrial and B-to-B Marketers Can’t Ignore Social Media Anymore
  4. 5 Tips for B-to-B Marketers to Get the Most out of Twitter
  5. 2009 Trends and Spending Strategies for B-to-B Marketers
  6. Social Media: 4 Signs Your Tradesman Wants to Hear From You
  7. 5 Tips For B-to-B Marketing Thought Leaders on How to Increase Your ROI.
  8. Forrester Report: Why Most B-to-B Blogs Fail
  9. 5 Quick Tips to Promote Your Post
  10. 5 Ways to Find Prospects on Twitter
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  1. Brian Duffy CSI

    We are manufacturers rep’s in the higher end of the architectural and commercial construction trade.

    I agree that we can reach a portion of the B-B market with social media, but are we reaching the decision makers?

    I have a face book page and twitter etc, but I think that I am some what of an anomaly at age 66, most of my peers, are struggling with e-mail * blackberry’s

    I am of the mind set that the only way to reach that market is with really well crafted and focused emails that tell the story quickly and in our market visually

    Brian Duffy BBA 1969

    • tradesmeninsights

      Brian age has nothing to with it.It’s a state of mind. Don’t worry about your peers unless they’re you’re only customers. Are you reaching the right decision makers? That’s a hard question,but consider this,social media allows people to identify themselves to you.If you continue to put out the right message folks will find you. I like to use e-mails but they limit you by their quality and how can you know even with a good ilst whether you have the right decision maker? My suggestion is to continue to use both . Use your age and experience in your market to set yourself apart. Experience and industry knowledge are a rare commodity and you should use it to your advantage. Good luck.

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