Next Time You Want to Send a Link, Consider Using Social Media

Most of us think if we wanted to share a link to something of interest that the logical way to do that would be through e-mails. Not according to a recent article in the E-Marketer Newsletter that cites AddToAny, a creator of content sharing and web publishing tools, that Facebook accounts for 24% of uses of the widget to share links to articles, videos and other content. E-mail only accounts for 11.1%. Social media has overtaken e-mail in terms of worldwide reach.


Leading Services Used to Share Online Content Worldwide via the AddToAny Widget, July 2009 (% share)

What that means to B-to-B marketers is that they should reconsider how they deliver links. By using a social media outlet like Facebook or Twitter, you not only deliver your message and link, but you’re continuing to increase your awareness and improve your search rankings and site traffic.

Nice bonus don’t you think?


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  1. iFlash Video

    I see the direction you’re going with this post and I “partially” agree with your reasoning. However, when it come to a TARGETED audience, you own personal email list is still king.

    If you conduct your email marketing campaigns properly and segment your lists…your links are likely to be more effective as far as clicks and conversions go.

    However, the total “reach” of your links certainly do get a lot more mileage with social media.

    Good info here. Thanks for sharing.

    Jason Anderson

    • tradesmeninsights

      Jason. thanks for the comments. I agree your best list is your own but you need to go out of your circle to expand your universe and then start them through a qualification process so you can add them to your personal e-mail list.

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