Blogs: How to Take Advantage of Them to Reach Professional Tradesman

by | Jun 8, 2009

onlinetradesmenblogspot2There are over 100 million blogs – how do you identify and communicate with the right ones to get in front of the professional tradesman? The first question to answer is are your products or services applicable to your end users using social media? If the answer is “yes,” then your goal should be to identify the right communities, monitor them and jump in and get involved!

If social is to be a part of your media relations strategy, you must remember that different rules apply to social:

  • Your Brand can be affected positively or negatively. Remember you don’t control the message.
  • Your Brand depends on the “loyalists” who are passionate about you.
  • Key Blogs or social sites are authored by thought leaders from your industry.

You need to develop the right strategies based on the importance of social media in your overall communications plan. Cision has issued a white paper, Staying afloat in a sea of social media, that gives a good overall view of how to manage and monitor social media.

All blogs are not created equal. Do comprehensive research as to the communities you might want to get involved in and then monitor them. If they seem to be talking about relevant topics, jump into the conversation. Social media demands transparency, so be honest in your engagement. Here are a few sites that may be of interest to those going after the professional tradesman:

Blog references:

Remember that just because you’re using social media, the basic rules of marketing still apply. You must identify your universe, communicate to them clearly, engage in conversations, monitor comments, evaluate and respond.

I’d like to hear from you. What interesting communities have you come across that reach the professional tradesman?


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