Why It’s Important to Monitor Your Blog Stats

google_analytics_largeOne of the great things about social media and blogs in particular is you can almost instantly see how you’re doing in the world of blogging. Most programs like WordPress have monitoring devices built in. You can see what’s hot and what’s not. You can monitor what sites are sending you traffic and what key words are doing their job.

While it’s nice to know these things, don’t get obsessed with them. Darren Rowse from Problogger had a post recently, 17 statistics to monitor on your blog, that you might find helpful. Here are a  few that I think are important:

  • Overall visitors. Are they increasing or decreasing?
  • Most popular posts. Gives you direction for future posts.
  • Referral stats. What sites are sending you traffic? If it’s another blog,  maybe you should develop a relationship with them.
  • Questions from Readers. This gives you a good indication of  topics for future posts.
  • Key Words. Which are generating the most traffic?
  • Bounce rates. How many people go to your site and then click off ? You need to make your site sticky so people stay on it.

Remember, stats are good monitoring tools, but make sure you take that info to improve your content because ultimately, if you listen to your audience, your readership and pass along will increase naturally.


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  1. Mac

    There is a ‘guru’ who made a similar comment about Bounce rates as you do here. He actually changes his book when I told him my point of view on blogs and bounce rates.

    If you have regular readers, those that come each time you update your blog, you can’t expect them to re-read a half dozen pages. Having a good BR may simply mean that people come to your site one time, view a lot of pages and then leave to never return again.

    Don’t put too much weight behind a bounce rate.

  2. Kimmo Linkama

    “Bounce rates. How many people go to your site and then click off? You need to make your site sticky so people stay on it.”

    Well, not necessarily. Bounce rate only shows how many people entered your site and left without clicking on another page.

    So, if the first page they enter on your site or blog gives them the answer they need, you’ve accomplished something.

    Then again, this only works if the page they enter in works towards conversion.

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