7 Tips on Asking Questions on Your B-to-B Marketing Blog

1009935_question_con_3I keep reminding folks that other than disseminating good information, the #1 goal in my mind is to identify and engage in a conversation with either a customer or potential.

Questions are a great way to give your readers a sense of belonging to a community.

People who have this sense tend to come back for more since they feel a part of your blog. Reader responses give you a gage on your topics as to their relevance and gives you content for future follow-up posts.

I read a post recently from Darren Rowse, Ask a question: 10 reasons why questions work & 12 tips on how to ask them, that gives a good overview. Here are 7 of the top  tips:

  1. Keep your questions relevant to the topic.
  2. Ask questions that builds on a previous post.
  3. Ask questions readers will want to know the answer to.
  4. Give them some options to get the discussion going.
  5. Use a poll tool to give readers a vote.
  6. Ask some controversial questions.
  7. Be willing to share your answer.

Questions initiate conversations, so what do you think?


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