Tradesmen: Early Adopters of Social Media

by | Apr 17, 2009

left_collageThey are the hard-working men and women of America. They drive the products to market. They build the towers of business. They dig the foundations of dreams. They serve America in every capacity.

They are the blue collar tradesmen, working class heroes we sometimes overlook.

They have been all over this social media stuff long before the rest of us jumped on board. They have been building relationships with friends and business associates from around the world, across the country and around town for decades. They adopted these amazing communication technologies not as a narcissistic plaything but as serious tools of industry.

They are the ham radio operators, the CB truckers and the Nextel two-way cell users. They go by names like Gladys and Night Rider and Bubba and they are the real pioneers in social media.

What makes any of us think this group of users will avoid this brave new world? They are logging on in record numbers. According to one survey, while the universe of blue-collar social media users is less than 10%, they are the fastest-growing segment.

As their jobs dwindle, they are learning new trades and finding new jobs through the use of SM.

Blue-collar men and women are a critical part of the conversation.


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