Mobile Advertising Presents New Opportunities For B-to-B Marketers

mobilemarket2B-to-B marketers looking for ways to reach  the professional tradesmen on the go have a new tool to consider – mobile advertising.

Emarketer forecasts that advertisers will spend 3.3 BILLION on mobile ads by 2013 up from 648 million in ’08.

As consumers (both B-to-C and B-to-B) embrace mobile technologies at an ever-increasing rate, emarketer predicts that 2009 may actually be the point where advertisers start shifting attention to mobile.

The industry’s turning point started with the introduction of the Smartphone, then the iPhone. 3G led to faster connection speed and the rise of Internet browsing and WI-FI connectivity kept the ball rolling. 4G is due out this summer and who knows what the next advancement will be. The only thing we know for sure is that it’s coming.

US Mobile Advertising Spending, 2008-2013 (millions and % change)


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