Industrial Community Responds to Online Marketing

by | Apr 6, 2009

Industrial markets focusing on design/engineering and technical jobs are spending more time online according to a recent survey released by GlobalSpec.

Here are some of the survey’s highlights:

  • 83% found suppliers online
  • 81% get their product specs online
  • 79% use the Internet for research
  • 67% request quote
  • 66% compare products across suppliers
  • 74% of engineers visited 6 or more related sites weekly
  • 56% spend 6 hours a week on the internet
  • 21% spend 12 hours or more on the internet

Seeing an online advertisement motivates the engineering, technical and industrial audience to take action. According to 2008 GlobalSpec Engineering Trends Survey, upon seeing an advertisement online, 87% of respondents visited the advertiser’s Web site and 56% e-mailed the advertiser.

The Industrial Community Responds to Online Ads

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