Happy Holidays

Recently the security cams caught a red-suited visitor. Try as we might, we never did identify the jolly fellow. The creative department concluded “it” was an alien. Media assumed he was following a detailed plan, but under a close approaching deadline. PR could find nothing but positive reasons for his arrival, and immediately called the press. Account services was sad to miss setting up a meeting and marketing asked production if a tchotchke with our logo could be produced in a few days’ time. And, in the meantime, if you happen to know who this character is, please contact us


See the story below.


Santa crawling in window

Curious as to what the boys and girls at Sonnhalter were up to, the man in red paid us a visit. The roof seemed very high, so he came through the window – just to try!


Santa getting his hands dirty

Our colorful hand prints made the jolly man smile. And got his own hands dirty, adding his mark to the pile.


Santa sitting at Laptop

“These plans are complete, they’re sure to boost sales. Before I move on, let me check Santa’s emails.”


Santa looking in fridge

The work made him thirsty so he checked in the fridge for a drink. “What do I see here?” he asked with a wink.


Santa drinking a beer

He tipped his head back and enjoyed the local brew. And surely he’d enjoyed checking in on the B2T crew.


Santa stuck in tree

Leaving wasn’t easy as he supposed it would be. And on his way down, he got stuck in a tree.