Social Media For Manufacturers

Rachel Kerstetter, PR Engineer

Awhile back, we presented a webinar on social media for industrial manufacturers. Many in our clients’ industries wonder if social media is worth their time, and we typically say yes.

Social media is a broad and sometimes intimidating part of marketing. To simplify it just a little, we focus on the four areas where we see manufacturers receiving the greatest value:

  • YouTube
  • SlideShare
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs

To get the scoop, you can watch the webcast on YouTube and follow along on the slides below.


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Podcast: Link Building is Dead – Long Live Link Building

Welcome to another edition of Marketing Insights. Today, we’re talking with Sage Lewis, President of SageRock, a search marketing agency here in the Midwest.

Sage is the author of a bestselling book on Amazon – Link Building is Dead. Long Live Link Building, and we’re going to pick his brain today about the book.

Sage highlights why people who are focused on search engine results should read this book. It’s an easy read even for someone like me, and it costs less than a Starbucks coffee for a digital copy.

Click here to listen to podcast.


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Webinar: Social Media in Manufacturing – Why it Should Matter to You

If you’re a manufacturer that either doesn’t use or think social media should be a part of your overall marketing plan, this webinar is for you.

We will discuss why social media is not only relevant but crucial to your overall marketing initiatives. I will be joined by Greg Habermann, COO of SageRock, a digital marketing agency and a strategic partner of ours. We will show you real examples of what manufacturers are doing right and give you tips on how you can too. We’ll focus on YouTube, Slideshare, LinkedIn and Blogs.

When: Tuesday, April 9th at 2PM EST

This webinar is available for viewing on our YouTube channel – click here.

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