If You Are Marketing To Tradesmen, Go Mobile

trademen-insights-mobileTRADESMEN INSIGHTS GOES MOBILE!

Mobile web is huge. There are over 2.8 billion handsets in circulation. Far more mobile devices than PCs. It’s a global phenomenon.

Beyond the numbers, there is vast potential of the mobile web by the way people use these devices:

They’re always on.
They’re always at hand.
They’re always personal, rarely shared.

No other marketing medium can say any of these things.

With the help of a great new service called MoFuse, founded by David Berube, Tradesmen Insights is now available in a mobile version.

MoFuse, or Mobile Fusion, is a web application that allows you to easily and instantly create a mobile version of your company’s blog or web site.

If your blog or web site has an RSS feed, they will use that as the main source of content for your new mobile site. This will allow you to create your mobile site using MoFuse and forget about updating it. All you have to do is keep posting to your blog!

You can also create static content pages. This gives you the ability to have pages like About the Blog, Contact, etc.

Users can customize almost every aspect of their mobile site. They can also upload their own custom logo or header image!

MoFuse will create a static link to your mobile site for you to share, it’ll look something like this: . You can put a link to your mobile site on your blog for your mobile visitors to click to be redirected to your mobile version. You can also use your own domain name.

Mobile Tradesmen Insights


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