Do You Have a Mobile App? Are You Promoting It?

I think everyone realizes by now that mobile is the fastest growing segment of the business. While the biggest impact is on the retail markets, B-to-B usage continues to grow. So should you have an app? The answer to that is, will your app give value and help your targeted user with practical things? If yes, then you’d better get rolling.

comScore data shows that 63% of mobile commerce happens via a smartphone. Don’t take these retail numbers for granted. From a B-to-B perspective, giants like Amazon are leading the way in this category. That means that a consumer can buy a book as easily as a hydraulic fitting using a smartphone.

So the questions you have to ask yourself are this: do I have a mobile website, and if I do, is it optimized for smartphones and tablets? If not, you need to get a responsive designed site sooner than later. But just because you’ve built an app doesn’t mean people will come.

I recently read a post by Heidi Cohen, 21 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App that gives you quick ideas on how to promote. Here are some highlights:

  • Promote your app on your website
  • Promote your app on your mobile site
  • Get your app in iOS and Android app stores
  • Use it in self promotion from emails to QR codes in print and digital ads
  • Promote it on your business cards and email signature

Let’s not waste an opportunity.

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Mobile Apps: Are You Thinking About Them to Reach the Professional Tradesmen?

Professional tradesman, for the most part, do more field work so they have a mobile office. And let’s face it, most manufacturer’s biggest challenge is how do I connect with them? The smartphone is coming more and more into play, so if your company doesn’t have an app, you may be missing an opportunity. According to Nielsen, as of the 3rd quarter of ’10 – 28% of mobile phones are smartphones with 41% of recent acquirers moving in that direction.


So what does that mean? It shows the trend is going strong for smartphones and we’d better be ready to capitalize on this tool. I know what you’re thinking, that most of the users are under the age of 35, and you would be correct. Isn’t that a targeted segment of the tradesman audience that you, as a manufacturer, are trying to come to grips with on how are you going to get your message to them? This would be one way to reach them. As a matter of a fact, the majority of smartphone users are under 45 years of age.

50 percent of Android owners are under the age of 35 – Apple has the most smartphone users under the age of 44.


I’m curious as to how many of you currently have a mobile App or are planning one in the near future?


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Mobile Apps to Reach Tradesmen: Are You Ready?

What’s one of the most important tools a contractor has with him? If you said his phone, you win the prize!

With the advent of smart phones like the iPhone and now the Android, there are opportunities to reach your customer on a job site. Are you planning that far ahead?

According to the Yankee Group, US mobile application revenues will jump from 1.6 billion this year to 11 billion by 2014. Nearly 1/3 of these apps are purchased.

Caterpiller announce in January of 2011 an application for mobile phones that will allow a user from a smart phone to access a dealer close to them for status on what kind of equipment is available for rent.

Now I’m not suggesting that you charge for an app or even try to sell something through the phone, but what I am suggesting is you might want to have an app that contractors can have on their phone where you can tell them about the newest widget and give them instant access to you.

What are your thoughts on mobile apps?


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