Bolster Your Social Media Presence By Using Email Marketing

For those of you who follow me on a regular basis, you know that I don't preach that social media will be the "holy grail" of marketing. It's just one more marketing tool in your tool box. For those of you who are using social, hopefully you are combining it with traditional things like email marketing to drive people to your social more >

Double Your Marketing Effectiveness When Going After The Professional Tradesmen

Although everyone is focusing on social media, let's not forget an old friend, e-mail marketing. Using social media as a partner, it will provide new avenues for engaging and sharing both current customers as well as prospects. Professional tradesmen are used to being contacted via e-mail and more and more are getting into the social media arena. Let's not let an opportunity go by to make your marketing message more more >

Looking Forward to 2010

All economic data indicates that the worst is over and we should start seeing an uptick as soon as the 4th quarter for some industry segments. Yes, soon the trend lines will start to go up, but not as sharply as they came down. B-to-B marketers need to look forward and should be starting to crank up their plans for '10. read more >