The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media: A Fine Line

This is a guest post from Marc Levine, Social media director for RiaEnjolie, a website developer for small business owners. Marc shares some best practices he uses to get the most out of social media highlighting some of the things we need to consider when jumping into social more >

Why Your Sales Force Needs Social Media, and It’s Not What You Think.

Social media is always talked about in the context of being a marketing tool. While I agree that social plays a big role in marketing, it can also help in the selling cycle. No, I'm not saying that social media is going to sell anything. That's not its more >

5 Quick Tips to Promote Your Post

Just because you write the most provocative post, it doesn't mean the world at large will know it's out there. Yet by using the right key words and phrases, you'll get organic action from the search engines, but if you spend a little time being proactive, you'll see better results. Here are 5 quick tips to help promote your posts:read more >