Is Your Brand Disconnecting on Social Media?

Hopefully everyone has jumped onto the social media bandwagon in some sort or fashion. But lot's of B-to-B companies are struggling with how they approach this new media. A recent article in AdAge by Noah Brier sums it up,"In a nutshell,they need to act less like brands and more like people." You need to teach your brand to more >

How Are You Generating Social Media Leads?

Hopefully one of your objectives for social media is to generate new business leads. Obviously one of the ways is to be more active. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your blog, you need to be visIble and active in order to create followers. Social Media explorer shared some interesting stats on new research that bigger may be better. Here are some highlights: read more >

4 Areas Of Expertise To Ensure Social Media Success for B to B Marketers

We all want to do our best when it comes to social media, and I find I'm always looking for suggestions and processes that can help me improve my end product. One of the ways I stay in touch and hopefully ahead of the curve is to follow industry leaders. Their insight and expertise is very valuable to me. One such leader is Jason Falls who has a blog called Social Media more >