Online Video Training Can Make Contractors Be More Productive

From a manufacturing point of view, it's in your best interest to train contractors on the best way to install your product. It eliminates call backs and helps contractors sell more of your stuff. No surprise there, but with sales forces that are stretched thin, now they can only do so much training. Where do they focus their efforts - on the distributor's sales force or on the end user?read more >

Podcast: Why Online Training Gives You the Edge

Everyone is looking for ROI. Lisa explains the differences of why Manufacturers and Distributors use it and why their reasons are different. She also talks about the different ways to learn - Observations, Conferences, Classroom and Self-Study . read more >

Why Online Training Gives You the Edge

Lisa Bordeaux, Director of Sales and Development at BlueVolt, outlines reasons why both manufacturers and distributors should use online training for not only product training but also process training for internal more >

Free Online Training Webinar: Learn How You Can Launch a Course in Under a Week

Are you looking for a repeatable way to provide training to your customers so your sales people can focus on selling? Explore options for online training, best practices, what not to do and how you can launch a course in under a week. read more >

New Product Launches: Don’t Overlook Your Distributor Partners

Many manufacturers are so focused on the features and benefits of their new product that they sometimes forget about educating and motivating their distributors to insure a successful launch. Distribution is a key link in the launch, and if your distribution isn't on board or even understands what or where this product fits into your overall strategy, it's going to be hard for them to more >

Distributor Survey Shows Online Training from Manufacturers Helps Them to Recommend and Sell More Products

If you're a manufacturer who sells through a distribution channel, you need to think about training. A recent survey by BlueVolt indicates that distributors who are trained online recommend and sell more >

How to Use Content to Find Professional Tradesmen

To reach the professional tradesman, you need to deliver content that answer the question, "what's in it for me" and then give them a clear call to more >