Understanding and Adjusting to Email Habits

By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect, Sonnhalter How many email accounts do you have? I have three. I’m not unlike others in my generation (the Millennial Generation) who maintain multiple email accounts. Each email address has a specific purpose and is used strategically. Work. My work email address is just that, work. It’s the @sonnhalter.com email that colleagues, clients, media and partners reach me on. I check this email religiously on my phone and have it open during the work day on my computer. I only give this email address out for professional purposes. Personal. This email address is the one I give to friends, family and anyone I do personal business with. I protect this email and am careful to whom I give the address. I check it most often on my phone and occasionally log into it from my personal laptop. Other. This “other” email address is the one that we’ll dig into today. Most millennials have one of these and many in other generations have also adopted an “Other” email policy. Sometimes we call it our “junk email” or “promotions.” I give this email address out like candy on Halloween. If you ask me for an email address, this is the one I give you. This is the inbox that I check, but don’t regularly search. I almost never send emails from this address and only check it from my phone. This is the inbox where I subscribe to e-newsletters and promotional offers. I was reading an article from Media Post titled “Millennials Love Email, But on Their Dual Inbox Terms,”  12635read more >

Digital Options for the Mobile Tradesman

By Sandy Bucher, Media Engineer, Sonnhalter The World Wide Web turned 25 years old on March 12. Do you remember life before that, when you wanted to get the latest news and information, magazines and newspapers were only available in a print version? How times have changed, and the options to get information are numerous now. These days, if you have time to read the latest issue of your favorite trade magazine, but don’t have the printed version readily accessible, you can read the digital version on your smartphone, tablet or computer. When you subscribe to your favorite trade magazine, most of them offer a digital edition, so if you prefer to get your news and information digitally, you can. And in some instances, trade publications also offer an app that feeds information from those publication’s issues and websites for your reading pleasure. Click here for a link from Trade Press publications that allows you to download an app for either their Building Operating Management or Facility Maintenance Decisions publications. If you’re in the facility maintenance field, check it out. And keep your eyes open for other trade publications that offer an app as well.read more >

LinkedIn Changes

Social media is transforming to be more visual and ultimately more mobile-friendly. LinkedIn recently introduced some changes to improve the overall Company Page experience and made it easier to interact with your connections.read more >

Sonnhalter Releases White Paper: Trends in Mobile Media

BEREA, Ohio – January 2011 – Sonnhalter, a communications firm marketing to the professional tradesman in the construction, industrial and MRO markets, has released a new white paper, “Trends in Mobile Media.” The white paper covers the ever-changing trends in mobile media enabled by the increased use of smartphones. Topics covered include: QR codes, Microsoft Tags, JAGTAGs, Shotcode, Sticky bits, QR code readers, and augmented reality. The paper provides an introduction of QR codes, their creation, origins, and different types of codes such as Microsoft Tags and Shotcodes. The mobile marketing platform, JAGTAG, is presented along with QR code reading applications. The comparison of QR codes versus Microsoft Tags is outlined along with an analysis of QR code readers. The white paper overviews augmented reality, a 3-D, interactive technology that combines real and virtual data. It concludes with an explanation of Layar, a reality browser, and a summary of the changing infrastructure for wireless communications. “Sonnhalter is always working to stay on the forefront of new industry technologies and trends,” said Matt Sonnhalter, vision architect, Sonnhalter. “The ‘Trends in Mobile Media’ white paper is one of many ways we have of passing on that knowledge to our clients and the public. By taking the time to decipher the new tools and passing on the information through a short readable document, we are saving our clients time and money while allowing them to stay abreast on new topics.” To sign up to receive a copy of the “Trends in Mobile Media” visit http://SonnhalterMobileTrends.notlong.com. Established in 1976, Sonnhalter is the leading B2T marketing communications firm to companies that target professional tradesmen in construction, industrial and MRO markets. Sonnhalter’s brand identity highlights its expertise in marketing to the professional tradesmen. Its tagline, “Not Afraid To Get Our Hands Dirty,” promotes the employees’ willingness…read more >