What is a QR Code?

Quick Response (QR) codes seem to be everywhere. They can be a great tool in mobile marketing if you use them correctly. In the latest video in Sonnhalter's Marketing Minute series, Matt shares some ways to use QR codes effectively to reach a mobile audience.read more >

Big Data, Mobile and Social Media Dominate the Conversations at the 2014 BMA Global Conference

By Matt Sonnhalter, Vision Architect I recently attended the Business Marketing Association (BMA) global conference which was held in Chicago May 28-30, 2014. The largest B2B marketing conference in the world, BMA14 was attended by a record 950 B2B marketers from 450 firms, 33 states and 12 nations. The 2014 BMA conference also deployed two digital platforms—Livecube and ISEBOX—to enable speakers to take polls and attendees to ask questions, follow tweets, share photos and access conference content. If you are in charge of planning live events/conferences, I would suggest checking out these two resources. The 3-day conference was jam packed with content – featuring 79 speakers and presenters leading 41 sessions—three pre-conference programs, nine panels, 12 keynotes and 17 firestarters. These sessions covered a wide array of topics and trends of critical interest and importance to B2B marketers today. Someone at the conference referenced the amount of information presented was like drinking from a fire hydrant! Here are a few themes I saw throughout the entire conference: Big Data It’s becoming more and more difficult for marketers in today’s environment and I thought one illustration that did a great job of representing our challenge was the Marketing Technology Landscape graphic by ChiefMartec.com. We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights; that is, data does not automatically equal insight. Today’s marketers need to solve both analytical and creative issues as we continue to trend toward extreme personalization…segments of one. Mobile Since mobile devices are the predominant way people globally access the web and information, mobile is a critical factor when planning future marketing efforts. Here are a few stats from the conference that help reinforce the importance of mobile: Mobile data usage doubled in 2013 In the US, 1 of every 5 minutes spent on mobile are on either Facebook…read more >

Mobile Marketing to the Professional Tradesman – What are you Doing?

The professional trades are no different from normal consumers when it comes to using mobile. There have been a few recent articles about both time spent on mobile devices and what's being used to open and read emails. Both are significant when it comes to reaching contractors with your messages.read more >

Why Mobile Marketing is Important for Professional Tradesmen

I was recently a co-presenter for a B2B Mobile Marketing webinar sponsored by CFE Media. During the course of my research and prep for this webinar, I was overwhelmed by some of the mobile stats I came across…here are just a few:read more >

Webcast: Mobile Marketing

Our vision architect, Matt Sonnhalter, will be presenting on CFE Media’s webcast, “Mobile Marketing: What Impression Are You Making and How Will You Measure It?” Matt, along with Kim Dushinski author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook, will discuss how B2B marketers can make a good mobile impression. Whether you’re ready for mobile, or not, it’s here. If you have a website, you’re already being viewed on mobile devices. Join Matt on Tuesday, June 19 at 2 PM EST for this free, informative presentation. You can register here.read more >

Are You Targeting Emails for Your Mobile Marketing?

Mobile is one of the fastest growing segments in the market. Does it make sense for you to use it to engage your customer base? Here are a few tips to think about if you're considering using emails to go after your targets. read more >

What’s Your Mobile Media Strategy for 2012?

Moving forward in 2012, is mobile media going to be part of your overall marketing strategy? According to a recent survey by the Association of Marketing, 2011 Trends in Mobile Marketing, 58% of respondents indicated that they were not using mobile marketing.read more >

Is Mobile Marketing the Best Way to Reach the Professional Tradesmen?

Yes, I know the stats are overwhelming that of all smartphones today, over 50% connect to the Internet that way, and by 2014, 90% will be using mobile as a main way of staying connected. But before you jump in right now, why don't you ask the guy in charge of your web analytics to see how many people are coming to your site currently via a mobile browser.read more >

What Are You Doing to Reach the Young Professional Tradesmen?

I know one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers that we represent is getting to the young entrants in the trades. They know how to get to the old guys, they've been doing it for years and know that traditional things like trade ads and direct mail programs are effective tools to reach them. read more >

Mobile Marketing for B-to-B: Change in the Air(waves).

There is a revolution starting in the world of mobile marketing and it isn’t just for B2C – it is for everyone, including B2B. According to a recent article in Mobile Marketer, B-to-B mobile marketing will go from 26m in 2009 to 106m in 2014 according to Forrester Research.read more >

If You Are Marketing To Tradesmen, Go Mobile

TRADESMEN INSIGHTS GOES MOBILE! Mobile web is huge. There are over 2.8 billion handsets in circulation. Far more mobile devices than PCs. It’s a global phenomenon.read more >