You Should Know the “Why” Before the “How” If You’re Going to Jump Into Social Media

One of the first things we talk about is the "Why" you want to participate in the social media scene. If you can't answer the Why, then the How doesn't matter. Don't get into social because you think it's cool or that this will be the "silver bullet" that will save your business. You need to treat social like any other marketing more >

How Do You Measure Social Media?

Before you answer that question, you first have to have something to measure it against. Set expectations and goals, then make a plan execute it and then monitor it. Why are you even playing with social if you're not looking to reach new prospects. You first need to identify your audience, make them aware of who you are and then engage them. Use metrics to keep you on track, but don't get obsessed with them. read more >

5 Reasons Blog Posts Fail

I continue to be amazed sometimes as to which of my posts do better than others. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. Just as you check the other metrics on how you're doing, I think it's important as a part of your own self discipline to review the low performers and see if there are ways to more >