When is Less – More?

We all get caught up with having to do more and more especially when if comes to developing content and deploying it through various media channels. We get pressure from our bosses( clients ) to be on every new thing that comes down the road. I recently read an article by Joe Pulizzi the founder of The Content Marketing Institute that addresses this actual issue- Do less ,not moreread more >

Why Do You Use Content Marketing – Do You Think it’s for Branding or for Selling?

You can't turn around today and not hear the words "content marketing." You would have thought that someone had discovered the holy grail! Content marketing isn't anything new, it's just called something else. There can be arguments for both I suppose, but I feel the primary role of content marketing is to position you to have an advantage and sell something!read more >

Webinar: 8 Content Initiatives You Need to Seriously Consider for 2012

Content marketing expert and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi will review the practice of content marketing and why it's one of the fastest growing areas of marketing today. In this hour presentation, Joe will discuss eight initiatives that all marketers need to consider now when it comes to corporate storytelling and social media.read more >