Sonnhalter Updates Comprehensive List of Nation’s Vocational Education Programs

Agency updates and improves its list of more than 980 schools and 4,700 technical programs across the country. CLEVELAND – October 2019 – Sonnhalter, a communications firm marketing to the professional tradesman in the construction, industrial and MRO markets, updated its free database of vocational education and technical programs in the United States. The current database now lists more than 980 schools and almost 4,700 programs. Originally launched in 2015, Sonnhalter’s vocational program database contains useful and easy-to-read information about each program, including addresses, phone numbers, websites and more. In addition to its new programs, each state in the database is listed separately, and there is also an updated page for national programs and resources. Other features include concise and easy-to-sort course titles. The database serves as a tool for companies looking to implement more grassroots campaigns to recruit the next generation of professional tradesmen. The convenient and easy-to-use database is available for download and is designed to be sortable and searchable for a variety of fields, including program type, location, degree type and other important information. “Sonnhalter understands the growing concerns faced by those in that industry, such as the nation’s skills gap and the struggle to attract young people to the trades after high school,” said Matt Sonnhalter, vision architect at Sonnhalter. “Hopefully, with our latest edition of the vocational education database, companies will have a new tool that will make it easier to reach and inspire the next generation of professional tradesmen.” To sign up and download Sonnhalter’s updated, comprehensive list of vocational programs in the U.S., visit   About Sonnhalter Established in 1976, Sonnhalter is the leading B2T marketing communications firm to companies that target professional tradesmen in construction, industrial and MRO markets. Sonnhalter is located in the historic Brownell Building in the heart of…read more >

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