When is Enough Content Enough?

As marketers, we're all trying to do more with less which begs the question, when is enough enough? Or should the question be quality vs. quantity? I'm of the opinion that good content is better than more content and that we should be focusing on where it's being targeted.read more >

Are You Leveraging Social Media Across Your Manufacturing Business?

There are all kinds of buzz words out there integrated marketing, 360 degree marketing, etc. They all have the same goal in mind and that is to take your marketing message and share it across all methods of communication. Place you customer in the center of your efforts and then deliver your information in various ways so they can get it in the format they prefer.read more >

Branding: When’s the Last Time You Looked at Yours?

Branding is about your whole organization, from the way you answer the phones, to the attitudes of your CSRs. It's about a culture, things that are out of the control of the marketing department. Yes, marketing can control the look and feel of promotional materials, but once we've hooked a prospect, what happens when they contact the company and actually talk to a human being?read more >

Marketing Tips to Utilize Twitter

Twitter isn't about you, it's about sharing relevant information with those that follow you. The more relevant the content, the better chance of you building your base of loyal followers. I use Twitter strictly for business, so everything I put out has something to do with issues that I think affect my followers. read more >