Blogs and Forums for the Professional Tradesman

There are around 505 million blogs in the world today and not all are created equal. So, how do you identify and communicate with the right blogs and forums to get in front of professional tradesmen? The first question to ask yourself is: are your products or services applicable to your end users using social media? If the answer is “yes,” then your goal should be to do comprehensive research to identify the right communities, monitor them and jump in and get involved in the conversations. As you get involved in these conversations on social media, keep this in mind: Your brand can be affected positively or negatively. You don’t control the message. Your brand depends on the “loyalists” who are passionate about your brand. Key blogs or social media sites are authored by thought leaders from your industry. Social media demands transparency, so be honest in your engagement.   Here are a few sites that may be of interest to brands attempting to reach and interact with the professional tradesman: 14451read more >

Tradesmen: Trade forums can help answer your questions

Have you ever had a question that you didn’t have the answer to, and wanted to ask a person in the same occupational trade as you?read more >

Using Social Media to Market an Event

When doing an event ,from a press conference to an open house or a new product launch, are you using social media to capitalize on it? Social is an inexpensive and cost-effective way to enhance the buzz around what you're doing. I'm not suggesting that social replace traditional methods, instead use social to enhance more >

6 Practical Ways to Use Twitter For Your Business

A lot of B-to-B marketers still find it hard to understand practical ways to use this marketing tool. Twitter can be used as a marketing tool to build your brand, build credibility by sharing your expertise and grow your network. Twitter is my number-one source for views to my more >

5 Ways to Get Free Traffic by Participating in Forums

A forum is a group of like minded people who share a common interest in a particular subject. It could be anything from fine wine to travel to the best ways an electrical contractor can make more money. What's great about the internet is it's one big database where you can search for virtually more >

Industrial Marketers Focus on Social Media

I've been saying for some time now that B-to-B marketers, and especially those in the industrial section, need to start embracing social media. Recently BtoB magazine hosted a Netmarketing breakfast in New York. Here are some nuggets from the meeting for you to ponder on:read more >

Social Media: 4 Signs Your Tradesmen Want to Hear From You

Blogs, Forums, Twitter - are your brands or company being mentioned on any of these? If not, what are you going to do about it? Should you be joining the conversation? What are your competitors doing? Remember, those that start conversations often end up leading more >