Will Email Be Replaced by Social Media?

We don't think so. Email is still an important tool and one that's used not only in regular communications, but also is a good new business tool. The rise in popularity of social media only enhances email. The two can work powerfully together. Here are 20 reasons why.read more >

E-mail and Social Media – A Great “One-Two” Punch to Capture the Professional Tradesman

Social media has dominated the news lately and many marketers are considering moving out of traditional e-mail programs and focusing more on social.My advice to them is neither are the answer by themselves especially when it comes to reaching professional tradesman who are slower to jump on the social bandwagon.read more >

B-to-B Marketers: The Next Big Tidal Wave in Communications Will be Google Wave

Let me give you a heads up. A new product is on the horizon that will have a major impact upon online communications. The next big tidal wave will be made available to the general public later this year. It’s the top trending conversation on Twitter and is becoming a hot topic in the daily news cycle.read more >

Twitter: 5 Ways to Share Images

Twittering is truly becoming one of the most important ways to share content in the social media arena. Beyond the obvious 140 characters limitation, there was no way to share images (a picture is worth a 1000 words). Since Twitter doesn't have an application for this, third party vendors have come up with options for us that work on Twitter.read more >