8 Tips for Making Customer Service a Priority in your Marketing

Think customer service isn’t an integral part of your marketing? Ask yourself the following questions: What part of your company do existing customers deal with the most? Have you ever avoided a business because of a negative remark a friend made? If the answer to both is yes, you’ve just seen how an effective customer service program is also your best marketing strategy.     Need more proof? In our latest Tip Sheet, we’ve laid out eight tips for making customer service a priority in your marketing efforts, and as always, it’s geared toward manufacturers, distributors and others in the B2T marketplace. You can sign up to download it for free here. Let us know what challenges you’ve had with customer service and check out our other tip sheets here.read more >

Are You Winning at Customer Service?

So what does all this mean to the Manufacturing sector? Well the bar isn't raised too high and we certainly don't have to reinvent the wheel. read more >

When Was the Last Time You Actually Talked to Your Customers?

I get so frustrated sometimes, both internally and externally, with emails going back and forth a million times to answer questions or get the proper information that I could scream!read more >

Are You Communicating With Clients Effectively?

No matter what business we're in we're all in the communicating business. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day that we forget some simple pointers. read more >