What Are You Doing to Drive Opted-in Emails?

Let's face it, we're all in this for the same reason. To talk with people who share the same interest and could possibly be or refer us a new client. So in order to do it get them to give up their email we better come up with some interesting and helpful stuff that will make them want to be in our look for future gems. It's not only what you have to say but how you say it read more >

Why Do You Use Content Marketing – Do You Think it’s for Branding or for Selling?

You can't turn around today and not hear the words "content marketing." You would have thought that someone had discovered the holy grail! Content marketing isn't anything new, it's just called something else. There can be arguments for both I suppose, but I feel the primary role of content marketing is to position you to have an advantage and sell something!read more >

Should Google+ Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Some of you may have already jumped into Google+. According to recent stats, as of January 2012, there are over 90 million users (Twitter has 100 million active users). To put this in perspective, they launched Google+ by invitation in June of 2011 and opened it up to the public in September of 2011. Google is positioning Google+ as their Facebook for B-to-B.read more >

Opt-in Lists: Key to Email Success

Contrary to what people might say, email marketing is still a very effective marketing tool. The key to a successful program lies in the list. If you've ever done any e-mail marketing, you know you can rent lists or have publications send out a message on your behalf. But the best lists are the home-grown ones that you nuture from within.read more >

Posts Should Be Like Missiles: Powerful and to the Point

I've never been much for beating around the bush. I like to get to the point and move on. Much like a missile, which when programmed, is focused and keeps on track to its target...so should a good post. I guess that's why I like Twitter so much because it makes you choose your words carefully, not only to communicate the message, but to be impactful as well.read more >