Sonnhalter and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Honored with Silver Davey Award for Integrated Campaign

Marketing communications firm and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning received a Silver Davey Award in the business-to-business integrated campaign category. CLEVELAND – March 2019 – Sonnhalter, a communications firm marketing to the professional tradesman in the construction, industrial and MRO markets, received a Silver Davey Award in the 14th Annual International Davey Awards competition. Sonnhalter accepted the award in the business-to-business integrated campaign category for the “Shouldn’t We Be Talking?” personalized road trip campaign it developed with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Sonnhalter worked with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to create a personalized, integrated campaign to connect with business owners to discuss the potential benefits that they would gain from joining the One Hour franchise. With the objectives of gaining interest among prospects and softening the idea of becoming a franchisee, Sonnhalter used the simple concept of sitting down over a cup of coffee to broach a difficult topic with the theme, “Shouldn’t We Be Talking?” The theme was intertwined throughout all the touch points of the campaign and culminated in the salesperson bringing a thermos of hot coffee to the meeting. The campaign consisted of several touch points that were personalized to communicate local market knowledge and insights and secure an in-person meeting. Communication tactics for the campaign included phone calls, emails, postcards, 3D mailings of coffee mugs and social media. “Converting a business into a franchise of a national brand can be a hard and stressful decision, so the campaign’s goal was to make that experience feel more honest and conversational,” said Matt Sonnhalter, vision architect at Sonnhalter. “Both Sonnhalter and One Hour are very pleased with the rise in opportunities that stemmed from this campaign and are honored to be awarded for our efforts.” The Davey Awards honor the finest creative work from…read more >

Updated Construction Market Overview Now Available

Information on construction market trends, key trade shows, industry associations, buying groups, training providers, top distributors, industry publications, blogs, online forums and more.   At Sonnhalter, we pride ourselves on working only in the B2T, or Business-to-Tradesmen industry. And that means not only being up to date on what our clients are doing, but with their industries as well. To that end, we have developed comprehensive Market Overviews for relevant industries, and continually update them. Our latest update is for the Construction Market. Please feel free to download, review and share, and if you have any questions, contact us.   Sign up for our updated Sonnhalter Construction Market Overview here.  read more >

How to Create Distributor Plans that Incent Growth [FREE TEMPLATE]

Many manufacturers treat their distributors equally. They offer everyone the same discounts, the same promotions, and the same training programs. However—not all distributors work equally hard for your more >

If Your Company Could Speak, What Would It Say?

Today, we have a guest post from Jeff Guritza on the importance of brand identity. The market wants to know: who are you and what does your business stand for? Said differently, what is your brand promise, and how is your business perceived in the marketplace?read more >

Are Your Employees Brand Ambassadors? Why Not?

Do your employees know where your products are used? Do they know the applications the parts they make make possible? Are they aware of the history and critical nature of your company? There are many simple, cost effective ways to increase productivity and morale by implementing a program that lets them more >

2014 Report on B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing in North America

By Matt Sonnhalter, Vision Architect The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs recently released their fourth annual report on the content marketing practices of business-to-business (B2B) marketers working in the manufacturing industry. In this report you’ll find answers to questions such as: What percentage of manufacturing marketers have adopted content marketing? What tactics are they using? How does their approach to content marketing differ from that taken by other B2B marketers? This report also looks at how manufacturing marketers approach content marketing when compared with a wider group of B2B North American marketers representing a range of industry segments. Here are some key highlights from this most recent study on manufacturing marketers and their content marketing efforts: 86% have adopted content marketing Only 30% say they are effective at content marketing Use the same number of tactics (13) as other B2B marketers 81% use YouTube to distribute content and rate it as the most effective social media platform Cite different goals for content marketing when compared with other B2B marketers Top challenges faced for their content marketing programs: 1. Lack of time, 2. Producing the kind of content that engages and 3. Producing enough content 46% plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months Click here to read more details and download the full more >

Webcast: Mobile Marketing

Our vision architect, Matt Sonnhalter, will be presenting on CFE Media’s webcast, “Mobile Marketing: What Impression Are You Making and How Will You Measure It?” Matt, along with Kim Dushinski author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook, will discuss how B2B marketers can make a good mobile impression. Whether you’re ready for mobile, or not, it’s here. If you have a website, you’re already being viewed on mobile devices. Join Matt on Tuesday, June 19 at 2 PM EST for this free, informative presentation. You can register more >

B-to B-Marketers: What Are Your Most Effective Sales Channels?

​B-to-B customers are doing more homework online when it pertains to buying well before they start the actual buying process. So what are you dong to take advantage of these "opportunity zones" to be successful? B-to-B marketers - are you prepared for a more educated buyer?read more >

B-to-B Marketers: Have you forgotten the basics?

The last two years for most of us in the B-to-B space hasn't been much fun. Budgets cut, every move or project had to be justified seven different ways. When leads came in, ALL were followed.We ran a tight ship. Today, business is beginning to improve, budgets are increasing, new products are being launched and for some of us, social media has been introduced which needs our more >

B2B Marketers: Are You Taking Advantage of Online Videos?

Online media is the fastest growing media platform in history. Second only to Google, YouTube has emerged as an easy-to-use search tool. As a manufacturer, are you capitalizing on this powerful tool to disperse your message?read more >

B-to-B Marketers: Tap Social to Increase Search

According to the data from B2B magazine and, marketer's No. 2 goal for social media after brand building was increasing traffic to websites. If you generate more traffic, a logical conclusion is that you'll generate more more >

What Are You Doing to Track Leads?

We're taking a poll to see how B-to-B marketers are currently tracking leads (all kinds). It's a short survey (7 questions), and if you want to get a copy of the results, there's a place for your e-mail at the end of the survey; we'll be happy to share the results. read more >

Industrial and B-to-B Marketers: Can You Take Our Social Media Survey?

Yes, another survey, and no, I can't say that it's that different other than we are targeting only the Industrial/Manufacturing sector to get a sense of how active you are using this new media. If you give us your email, we'd be happy to send you the results. The more responses, the more meaningful the more >

B-to-B Marketers Are Slow Adopters of Social Media

This should not be news to anyone in the Industrial or B-to-B space. We have always been lagging when it comes to new technology. When the web started in the early 90s, we were some of the last to jump on board. So it should be understandable that we lag our B-to-C more >

6 Tips to Make Your Blog More Successful in Reaching the Professional Tradesmen

B-to-B marketers, to be successful in the world of blogging, you must truly be focused on your target market. A blog should be central to your company’s social media strategy for new business. What fuels the engine to this strategy is good more >

B-to-B Marketers are Finding LinkedIn a “Go-To” Source for Prospecting

I've been saying for some time now that the the most overlooked social media tool for the B-to-B market is LinkedIn. It makes sense to join groups on LinkedIn whether it's buying groups like A-D or Netplus Alliance, or associations like STAFDA or AHMA. Take advantage and participate in the arenas you sell to and through. read more >

B-to-B Marketers: When Should You Outsource Social Media?

For those of you who haven't yet dove in to the social media arena, whether it's because of fear of the unknown or the fear of it's going to be too time consuming, I have some friendly advice. I can't force you to try it but I can tell you it won't hurt and you can't break anything. For those who are willing to to give it a try but are worried about the amount of time it will take I have some suggestions for you to consider. read more >

B-to-B Marketers: 6 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

“Build it and they will come,” is not the answer to generate traffic to your agency’s blog. You must employ proactive tactics to create awareness and interest among prospective tradesmen. The more traffic that you can generate, from among your target audience, the more inbound new business leads that will more >

B-to-B Marketers: Tips on How to Optimize Twitter

In our world of B to B and especially the world of manufacturing Twitter of all the social media tools is probably the most misunderstood and therefore the most under utilized.75 million people visited Twitter in January alone, over 23 million were from the US. According to Twitter, over 50 million tweets are sent daily.Twitter is being talked about everywhere. People are drawn to it because of the buzz of its popularity but the majority of people don’t understand its more >

B-to-B Marketers: 5 “Must Haves” Before Starting Social Media

Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows about social media at least in broad terms. Social media holds a tremendous amount of potential for businesses looking to grow. Many companies, in an effort to get started, jump right in, and while that's not the end of the world, I think if they really want social media to have a positive impact on their business, they should consider the more >

B-to-B Marketers: Use Video on Your Web Site to Increase SEO.

Manufacturers are missing the boat if they are not incorporating videos into their Web sites. According to Forrester Research, videos properly submitted are 53 times more likely to generate first page Google rankings. You heard me right, 53 times more likely. Other advantages are that results appear in days because Google is pushing video to the top. This is a great opportunity for B-to-B more >

B-to-B Marketers: How Many Calls Does it Take to Make a Sale?

We're all focused on generating more leads these days, but I find it ironic that most companies don't do much with them once they get them. Simply fulfilling a request is not the answer, but yet many companies do just that. According to a recent survey of people who have requested info suggests that 80% of all sales are made on or after the third contact. The survey conducted by Marketing Best Practices, Inc. polled over 700 respondents with only 8% buying after the first call. read more >

B-to-B Marketers: What Type of Twitterer Are You?

People use Twitter for different reasons. From a B-to-B perspective, why do you? For those of us who are trying to use Twitter as a marketing tool, you normally have a reason for using it. Twitter is a conversational platform. What kinds of conversations are you having?read more >

B-to-B Marketers: Social Networks Top Priority for 2010

Unless you've been living under a rock, you must know that social media, even in the B-to-B space, is gaining traction on a daily basis. Top marketers worldwide agree that digital will increase in more >

Social Media: Will Be Focus of B-to-B Marketers in 2010

According to a recent study completed by Alterian in their 2009 annual survey, social media will become the focus of marketers in 2010. This should come as no surprise to us in the B-to-B marketplace where budgets are still tight and management is continuing to demand accountability for marketing efforts. The survey covered 1068 marketing professionals. The respondents came from Europe (36%), from North America (62%) and from Asia Pacific (2%). Here are the highlights:read more >

B-to-B Marketers: Is Print Advertising Dead?

With all the hype about social media, some marketers are going too far and have started ignoring traditional tools that have served them over the years, primarily PRINT. read more >

B-to-B Marketers Outpace B-to-C Among Leading Social Media Initiatives

Kudos to the B-to-B marketers who have embraced social media. I recently read an article in that I thought I'd share some highlights. Even though we are outnumbered and less experienced than our counterparts in B-to-C, we appear to be more active according to research from a 2009 benchmarking study from read more >

B-to-B Marketers: Put The “Why” Before The “How” In Social Media

When it comes to social media, many marketers first concern is on "How" are we going to use social before the "Why." They should really first consider the "who" are we trying to connect with and "What" do we bring to the more >

B-to-B Marketers: Utilize Surveys Before The Sale

We're all used to doing surveys after the fact to make sure the customers are satisfied and to see if you could be of additional service. Not many of us, though, think of surveys as a way to identify where the prospect is in the buying cycle and what the best way to communicate with them more >

Top 5 Posts of 2009 to Help B-to-B Marketers Reach the Professional Tradesmen

I thought I'd share the most popular posts of 2009 from my blog. Happy New Year and may 2010 bring us all better more >

Twitter: How Useful is This Tool for B-to-B Marketers?

Some B-to-B marketers are having a hard time including Twitter in the marketing mix. You need to think of it as a relationship building tool. Twitter should never be used as a stand-alone tactic. It should be used in conjunction with other social media as well as traditional tools like more >

6 Practical Ways to Use Twitter For Your Business

A lot of B-to-B marketers still find it hard to understand practical ways to use this marketing tool. Twitter can be used as a marketing tool to build your brand, build credibility by sharing your expertise and grow your network. Twitter is my number-one source for views to my more >

B-to-B Marketers: Social Media Numbers Increase Significantly

According to an article on by Adam Ostrow, a new report from Forrester Research shows the number of social networking users have doubled since 2007. There are 55.6 million adults (about 1/3rd of the U.S. population) that visit a social networking site at least once a month (up 15% from 2007 to 18% in 2009).read more >

What’s the Best Way of Reaching the Professional Tradesman: Drip or Closed Loop Marketing?

The answer is both depending on how you're developing and nurturing prospects. Today both Drip Marketing and Closed Loop marketing are seen to be online strategies. Truth be known, these have been going on long before we had the use of the Internet tools. Effective marketing programs today should utilize both. We are fortunate to have these tools that help us monitor and measure our activities in infinite ways. Here are some suggestions on how to reach the Professional Tradesman using both Techniques: Drip Marketing - I define this as an ongoing way to communicate and deliver product info and thought leadership to contractors and tradesmen who have identified themselves to us. It can use traditional methods like direct mail with things as simple as a series of postcards or other mailers to touch folks on a regular basis (monthly, weekly or daily). With the advent of the Internet we can add links to our e-mails to landing pages that can expand on content, offer incentives and interact with tradesmen.I'd suggest that to be effective, run and monitor these campaigns using an automated system.These automated systems will help you create and deliver messages and gives you the metrics to monitor open rates,click throughs and opt outs.They will also help reduce spam complaints and increase delivery. Closed Loop Marketing - I define this as a more complex system that involves marketing working closely with sales to work a contractor through the sales process. It utilizes many if not most elements that are in a Drip program but goes beyond just delivering information based on a previous actions and their place in the buying cycle. Marketers literally "close the loop" by working with sales to provide the right info at the right time based on contractors responses. "Close the Loop" marketing provides…read more >

E-mail and Social Media – A Great “One-Two” Punch to Capture the Professional Tradesman

Social media has dominated the news lately and many marketers are considering moving out of traditional e-mail programs and focusing more on social.My advice to them is neither are the answer by themselves especially when it comes to reaching professional tradesman who are slower to jump on the social more >

Industrial Marketers Focus on Social Media

I've been saying for some time now that B-to-B marketers, and especially those in the industrial section, need to start embracing social media. Recently BtoB magazine hosted a Netmarketing breakfast in New York. Here are some nuggets from the meeting for you to ponder on:read more >

B-to-B Marketers Have Opportunities to Build Better Customer Relations Using Social Media

Why should B-to-B companies use Social media? Oliver Young from Forrester Research sums it up, "Marketers who embrace social media will outdistance competition, build community following and boost loyalty." Is there a better time than now to start making that impression? People are still buying things, and with budgets being tight, decisions are often made on more >

Two Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your Blog Posts to B-to-B Marketers

Beyond those who have signed up for your blog and those that reach you through organic searches, here are two ways I drive people to my blog. read more >

Why Your Sales Force Needs Social Media, and It’s Not What You Think.

Social media is always talked about in the context of being a marketing tool. While I agree that social plays a big role in marketing, it can also help in the selling cycle. No, I'm not saying that social media is going to sell anything. That's not its more >

2009 Trends and Spending Strategies for B-to-B Marketers

2009 Trends in Strategies and Spending For B-to-B Marketers. The implications are a trend toward the adoption of digital tactics, which started before the economic crisis, but have been accelerated by B-to-B marketers having to do more with more >

5 Ways to use Twitter as a Tool to Reach the Professional Tradesman

B-to-B marketers are having a hard time figuring out the best way to use Twitter. If they understand that the people who are following them are obviously interested in them and their products, they've already pre-qualified themselves. Twitter has become my number-one source of activity to my more >

B-to-B Marketers: The Next Big Tidal Wave in Communications Will be Google Wave

Let me give you a heads up. A new product is on the horizon that will have a major impact upon online communications. The next big tidal wave will be made available to the general public later this year. It’s the top trending conversation on Twitter and is becoming a hot topic in the daily news more >

B-to-B Marketers: Why You Should Embrace Social Media

Everyone's putting out stats on how one element or another of the social media landscape is doing. What does all this mean to the B-to-B marketer? It means that the world is embracing social media in one form or another. It means that Americans have not only found it, but are using more >

Blogging Has Come Too Far To Be Ignored By B-to-B Marketers

Conversations about you, your brands and your competitors as well are happening as you read this... These conversations are taking place whether you're participating or not. Wouldn't you like to be on the inside looking out? read more >

5 Tips for B-to-B Marketers To Get the Most from Twitter

Twitter has become a very powerful tool especially if you use some of their tools like Twitter Search which allows you to identify key words and phrases so you can follow and start a conversation with them. You can even put in your company or product names and see what they are saying about more >

A Guide to Micro-Blogging for B-to-B Marketers

Micro-blogging is an effective way for people to get messages to the world. Unlike regular blogging where your posts can go on and on and cover numerous subjects, a micro-blog communicates one event. A good comparison is of thinking of it as a cross between social networking and more >

Stay Up On New Trends But Don’t Forget Old Friends

We all want to be part of the newest and sexiest stuff. Social media is a hot topic. It is extremely popular, in part because it is inexpensive and can easily be measured. But it can and should be integrated with more traditional strategies such as broadcast e-mail more >

B-to-B Marketers Need to Use Social Media as a Branding Tool

B-to-B marketers are so busy pushing out messages using traditional methods to promote their brand that they sometimes forget about the strength of social media to self-identify themselves by searching for solutions or information on the more >

B-to-B Marketers Can Build Relationships and Sales Using Social Media

Social media allows B-to-B marketers to "really" talk to professional tradesmen in a way that builds a relationship of more >

New Social Media Research: B-to-B Marketers Take Notice

Social media is gaining widespread acceptance within the marketing communities as an available way to promote their brand, improve traffic and search engine more >

10 Engagement Tactics That Will Help B-to-B Marketers

Engagement tactics are about helping B-to-B marketers define a plan to get a two-way conversation going with prospects and get the most out of their social media more >