B-to-B: Quality Lead Nurturing Leads to 70% More Sales

In the B-to-B market where sales cycles can be much longer and complex to several factors, many leads are given up on if they aren’t ready to buy when your salesmen call. We need to focus on quality not quantity of leads.

According to the Albertson Performance Group quality nurturing will lead to 70% more sales than no nurturing.

Nurturing keeps you top of mind, builds credibility, solves prospect’s problems and positions you as an expert. That’s a pretty good way to start building a relationship, isn’t it?

The chart below highlights a typical buying process and that sales shouldn’t get involved until stage 6. It’s marketing’s job to move them through the first 5 phases and then hand them off.

Illustration from the Albertson Performance Group

By taking them through these steps, you show them your value and price becomes less of an issue, you narrow your competition and shorten the sales cycle.

You might want to re-think your process before you hand over those sales leads as soon as you put them in your system.

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