How Do You Approach Tradesmen in the Early Stages of the Buying Process?


Very carefully!

When we get a lead in, we all assume that they’re ready to buy, and in most cases, that’s not true especially when it’s an expensive or major initiative. If a contractor is contemplating a major new piece of equipment for his crews or a new piece of software to help him run the company, it’s going to take some time and investigation first. There are several stages the normal prospect goes through, and if we can’t get them past the initial stages, we’ve lost the battle.

I recently read an article by the Albertson Performance Group, How to Write Content for Early Stage Buying Process that I thought was very helpful. Here are some highlights:

  • So if a contractor responds to some marketing efforts in this-type scenario, what we need to do is to give him some general advice or tips on how to decrease downtime or set-up costs. You may have to do this a few times using different tools such as videos or a free diagnostic tool to use.
  • Then slowly get into the ways how using your products makes people’s lives easier (use a testimonial on how your product helped one of his peers).
  • Put your prospect in a position where he see’s that if he has your product he’s the hero.

They sum it up with one thought – The buyer doesn’t want your product, he wants what it will do for him. Give him reasons to buy from you.

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