Buying Groups: What Is Their Role Moving Forward?

No matter what markets you serve – Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing or HVAC, they all have several options regarding joining Buying Groups.

Several years ago you couldn’t go to a manufacturing/distributor function where Buying Groups weren’t a big topic of discussion. Today, it seems they are not brought up very much. Do you think it’s because everyone who wanted to has joined one? Or have they run their course? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Would you take a quick 4-question survey (I’ll be happy to share results if you leave your email)? Click here to take the survey.

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  1. Rod

    I think it depends on what group you are talking about, if iyou are only in a group for the rebates and buying oppertunities then maybe you are correct. However I believe that there is much more value in the groups that offer training and education, we can never get to much of that. It is called value added.

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